We all deserve to feel as glamorous as the stars on the red carpet. That's why I love to photograph all women.

Session Types

On the streets of Paris

Let's head out onto the streets and have some fun !

Portrait Experience

A portrait session custom designed for you.


In studio or outdoors


“Mareike’s photographs of women tell stories, stories that carry laughter and tears, that reflect what’s never been said. She’s interested in the imperfect wonderfulness that lies within each one of us, the intricate structure that is a woman that has lived. She’s brilliant at reflecting the exquisiteness that’s already there but we can’t see because we forgot how to do it. She’s capable of bringing all that out in her photos, of showing everything we can be.”

           Gracia (Ireland)

Start planning your luxury Portrait experience

Your portrait experience is entirely planned & customised to you. I will work with you to plan the details of your hair, makeup, wardrobe options and the overall design of your photoshoot.

How would you like to be photographed?

Is it to document a special time in your life, or with a loved one, a bestie, a sister or just a gift to yourself.

Contemporary Portraiture is designed to capture you at your best

and bring out your inner light

This is your time to shine and feel beautiful.

On the streets of Paris

Let's head out into the streets of Paris to have some fun !

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